Smart Mobility Employs Clean Ads For Promotions

Enjoy a premium ESG & Advertising Channel while investing in a better quality of air

The Mobility Vertical

Superior Air Quality

For walks & food courts, reducing and eliminating PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Toxic Gases, but even more important, cleaning all Bacteria & Viruses from the air we breathe.

Ads Keep The Air Clean

A Triple-Win Advertising Product, For Brands, Hosts & Consumers, embeds within a decades-old DOOH industry, increasing the visitor's health and well-being.

Robust ESG Value Proposal

Together with Advertisers,
Hosts Deliver Robust, Socially Responsible Ads, setting your Brand at the forefront of climate fight, worldwide

Ad Mobility-as-a-Service

Integrate financial products, schedules and other useful services with screens throughout your commercial areas and help customers learn more about your services.

Educate, Promote, Advertise

Deliver product & market updates, weather, traffic, and other information or entertainment content that customers will appreciate seeing, while waiting in line at the counter.

Profit Access *

Join the Client = Investor Program;
Hosts, as well as UAP owners who integrate their devices with can turn a profit, while we all benefit from Clean Air.

Ads Yield Better Air Quality

Clean Air For Your Visitor’s Health, Together With Ads That Guests Love To See

Air Quality Advertiser

For Media Buyers, SMEs & Local Brands
DOOH programmatic
that enjoys Air Quality ROI

Air Quality Sponsor

For Corporations, Multinationals & Brands
Yearly subscription deal

Air Quality Affiliate

For Sale-Oriented Organizations
Affiliate Offers campaign deals