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The Airvolt Amplifiers are entirely produced in Europe and/or North America, for each of their designated markets

The Airvolt Air Quality Amplifiers

Clean Air For Your Visitor’s Health, Together With Ads That Guests Love To See


Powerful UVC Lamps render viruses inert, starting as low as 0.05 µm in size and upwards to larger particles, even before reaching our filters.


Bacteria sizes range from 1 µm to 3 µm. They regularly cause major many common infections and have also been responsible for several major disease epidemics.


Pollen is technically a type of Particulate Matter and while most intact pollen grains are larger than 10 µm and don't usually fall into the PM10 category, being typically too large to enter our lungs, fractional pollen remains a threat.


Dust particles remain suspended in the air and only HEPA filters can take them out. Airvolt HEPA H14 filters can successfully handle PM 1-10 µm

Carbon & Gasses

Carbon Dust particles may range in size from 0.2 µm up to 10 µm and are among the main potential human carcinogens having prevalence in all reported respiratory problems.

Car Emissions

The majority of vehicle exhaust emissions are composed of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor, and oxygen in unconsumed air. Carbon monoxide, unburned fuel, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter such as mercury.

Urban Air Quality Technology

Clean Air For Your Visitor’s Health, Together With Ads That Guests Love To See

High Capacity Airflows

Our powerful engines permit functioning over long periods of time while allowing for high volumes of purified air to flow into spaces.

Indoor & Outdoor Volumes

Scalable engine capacities grant us the ability to purify the air for indoors and generate clean air islands for outdoor placements.

Scalable Screen Sizes

Our Build Architecture allows us to create special iterations of our Amplifiers that can offer bigger screens & more ad space.

Renewable Powered

All our Amplifiers are powered by clean & renewable energy sources, in either a direct manner or via a partnership energy offset.

we air better ads
# breathe better air

we air better ads
# breathe better air

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