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Join us in creating a cleantech unicorn to serve millions of people across the globe!

Together for Air Quality

Why Are We Here

Decades of digital and tech revolutions have rendered air quality in our cities paramount. Through its hardware deployments, mission & vision, aims to become the world’s 1ere Cleantech DOOH Advertising Network.

How Ads Keep The Air Clean

We empower Advertising to raise Air Quality, Companies to grow healthier returns on Marketing, Branding & CSR, and together, make a real-life difference.

Sustainable Advertising

We invest Advertising With a Mission! Together with, socially responsible brands, companies & organization, simply get Ads... to pay for a better quality of air in our cities.

A Global Effort For Air Quality

Join the global club of socially responsible companies that invest their resources in a way that rapidly generates a positive climate impact. Advertise via our novel CSR channel, staying forefront of the fight for climate change.

Community Give-Back

We attain advertising targets while creating new categories of ROI and reduce the environmental impact. We go above and beyond to achieve net zero carbon emissions and remove the extra carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Our Clients Are Investors

When your Organization advertises with us, they make a positive climate impact. Our pledge to reinvest all of our net profits simply means that You become an Air Quality Investor at a global scale.

Our values make us who we are

And help keep us on the long and narrow, hurling towards our destination in outerspace


We empower Advertising to raise Air Quality, Companies to grow healthier returns on Branding, Marketing & CSR, and together make a real-life difference. On… and off-screen!


We envision a world we keep safe from viruses & pollution; Why not get Ads to help clean the air we breathe?!

meet the team

Airvolt's Leadership

Anton Radulea
CEO, Co-founder
Alex Fredericks
Chairman of the BoD
Production team lead
Influencer program manager
Brand & Creative Specialist
Social Media Strategy
Production team lead
Influencer program manager

Alongside those who help us understand what we're really doing here

Our Advisors, Mentors, and all around, people that were kind enough to provide us with their invaluable know-how & experience

helps people breathe
better air

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