World’s 1st Clean Tech DOOH Network Launches

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As urban pollution becomes an increasing concern for urban inhabitants, launches the first Clean Tech Out Of Home Advertising Display Network for air quality in the USA & Europe 

Airvolt technology enables responsible brands to become investors in Air Quality and thus access
a new kind of Environmental Social Governance channel, at no extra cost.

Bucharest, 31 October 2022:, one of the most ambitious Romanian start-ups in air quality management, announced today the launch of the first air quality boosters for the European market. Addressing the problem of rapid mitigation of air pollution in urban environments, provides a Display Out Of Home solution for indoor and outdoor use, based on large-scale urban application air purifiers designed and manufactured in Romania.

Founded by Anton Valentin N. Rădulea, one of the main promoters of the implementation of the Airly sensor network in Romania, and Tudor Călin Borzea, a professional with more than 10 years of experience in the Romanian advertising and events industry, together with a team of almost exclusively Romanian professionals, Airvolt. io started its research, and product design work in early 2020, investing more than 150,000 Euro from its own and local funds and driving the adoption of the solution by a number of major players in the real estate market, but also in public administration. currently enjoys an international Board of Directors, with the company now incorporated in both the European Union and the United States of America, and ready to offer future customers a unique B2B2C solution.

Early-stage start-ups that have launched similar air quality management products in the last two years include, Greencity Solutions, and, start-ups originating in Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands respectively.’s initial focus is on providing free Air Quality services and will use DOOH advertising revenue to scale the solution, in a global Advertising Out Of Home market valued at €7.3 billion in 2021.

The announcement regarding the launch of comes three weeks after the Romanian Ministry of Environment announced the Air Quality mobile app launch through Minister Barna Tánczos’ conference on 4 October 2022, recognizing the increased importance of monitoring and improving air quality in several key cities in Romania.

“We are extremely grateful for the strong support and trust that has been given to us by our extensive team, local investors, and customers who have adopted the Airvolt solution since early-stage. Their patience, loyalty, and feedback have allowed us to build an innovative, unique, useful product that we are pleased to be able to unveil today for the first time.” – says Anton Valentin N. Rădulea, CEO of

Financed so far from the co-founders’ own funds, together with a private group of Angel Investors from Romania, the company will total more than 150,000 Euros in terms of capital invested in R&D at the end of December 2022, closing the Pre-Seed stage. Starting January 1st 2023 will launch a new Seed round of €1 million in the venture capital market, concurrently with the start of a European EIT Climate-KIC funding process through its partnership with Alien Technology Transfer.  
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Vlad Cristea – Chief Technology Officer
Engineer and Master in Energy and Environment at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), technology innovator with experience in renewable, BIM, energy HVAC
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Tudor C. Borzea – Co-founder, Chief Operations Officer
Entrepreneur with over 10 years experience Advertising, Events stakeholder in Operations, Legal, Finance, Flows, and Business Processes, primarily controlling aspects of decision making and internal operations at Airvolt.                                           
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Ana Raluca Răduț – Co-founder, Chief Purpose Officer
Professional marketer, and L&D manager, specializing in organizational culture.
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Anton Valentin N. Rădulea – Founder, Chief Executive Officer
+16 years of experience in Media, Entertainment, Market Access, Marketing, Product Design, founder of Airvolt and stakeholder in global commercial and investment strategy dedicated to reducing air pollution in urban environments.                                     .                
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Airvolt Corporation CEE
The Airvolt project was initiated by a group of entrepreneurs and companies in Romania in early 2020, when the its parent company, ANSA Group Infinity became the National Distributor and Market Access provider for The company was incorporated for the first time in Europe in 2021, and for the second time in 2022 in the United States of America as Airvolt, Inc, as a Delaware Type C corporation.

we air better ads
# breathe better air

we air better ads
# breathe better air

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