Adrian Barbu

Co-Founder, Vice-President of Technology & Media

A Broadcast Media & Technology Specialist envisioning new ways of employing Air Quality & Big Data in ways that imagine new AI opportunities for Smarter Cities.

As co-founder & Vice President of Technology and Media, Adrian Barbu oversees the company’s market impact via new technologies that shift basic trends, connecting the dots to innovation research & reimagining present-day opportunities, here at Airvolt DOOH. 

With an experience of more than 20+ years in Broadcast Design where meeting and integrating new technologies, Adrian is a career-long builder of brands, holding substantial contributions to developing several new TV Stations from scratch. Beginning in 2018, his innate passion for discovery and progress determined him to produce and host a weekly TV format designed to promote SMEs & new businesses with an environmental approach from all over Romania.

North Star

For Adrian Barbu, Airvolt DOOH represents a way to play a small but important part in changing the world for the better. One that, if done well, can challenge large audiences to think about climate and realise that industries with low carbon footprints can make a global difference for the better. One that could give way to hope for disenfranchised communities, and steer the ship towards a smarter, cleaner and greener future.

Institutional Education & Connected Organisations

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