Alex Fredericks

Investor, Chairman, Board of Directors

A multidisciplinary problem solver, brilliant growth engineer, and market capture specialist with +30 years of business acumen

As Chairman of the Board of Directors and a global co-founder at Airvolt DOOH, Mr. Alex Benjamin Fredericks employs its vast professional experience to ensure our company is well governed and manages to implement the best possible practices, aligning executive actions with the intentions, the mission and the vision of Airvolt across the organisation. 

With a life-long track-record of developing businesses and driving them to attain economies of scale, Alex has managed to build a robust, carefully cultivated and curated global network of vendors, logistics providers, creatives and service professionals.

North Star

Alexander Benjamin Fredericks employs more than 30+ years of multidisciplinary experience and business acumen. Alex best defines as a brilliant problem solver, growth engineer, and market capture specialist, while his North Star's ability is that of shortening the distance from inception to success and greatly add value to companies and surpass expectations.

Institutional Education & Connected Organisations

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