Mary Olson

Investor, Vice Chair, Board of Directors

An award-winning, breakthrough brand architect, strategist for distributed business content.

As Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, Mary Olson provides objective guidance for leadership to identify new market forces, introducing them to influential stakeholders, while also presiding over Airvolt’s global advisory board, to date.

Having helped scores of visionary entrepreneurs and highly motivated innovators, Mary enables prominent Founders to establish brand recognition, scale business value, and influence new industries as market makers for era-defining results.

North Star

Mary Olson is an award-winning breakthrough brand architect, a communications expert, and a career-long strategist for distributed business content. With an innate passion to build communication frameworks that enable the free flow of ideas, Mary’s North Star for high-value partnerships is that of interconnecting innovation drivers and accelerating their progress toward a more sustainable future.

Institutional Education & Connected Organisations

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