Ana Radut

Co-founder, VP of Marketing & Commerce

Global developments over the past few years have enabled Ana to pay closer attention to environmental problems and help build a start-up that addresses Climate Change in more was than one.

As a Co-founder & Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Airvolt DOOH, Ana Raluca Radut was, essentially, the third person to learn about our idea in its incipient form, quickly adopting it and adding tremendous value to the concepts that make Airvolt, today.

A loial, creative, strong initiator, always willing to consider a new idea with an optimistic attitude, Ana’s innate curiosity created a long-lasting Learning, Development & Talent Management Career spanning over time and multiple fields. Global developments over the past years have enabled her to pay closer attention to environmental problems and, while far from being an activist, she decided to invest part of her energy in promoting and marketing ideas that help solve today’s problems in urban ecosystems, focusing much of this energy on Air Quality & Renewable Energy Start-Ups.

North Star

Ana Radut is a management training professional and business coach working with people and organizations for more than 20+ years, using HR to positively impact branding strategy in 4 big start-ups business in Romania in the field of Banking, Retail, Customer Service Centers, and Internet Banking. She advised and coached numerous managers and leaders to set up visions, missions, and business strategies for great success.

Institutional Education & Connected Organisations

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